Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This is me and my daddy going on a walk! I love walks! I have discovered that when I walk without pulling on the leash I get food! Woo Hoo!

The Big Fuss

I had quite a disturbing night on Monday. Right around bedtime everyone (Katy, Aaron, Rachael and Janet) gathered in the kitchen and surrounded me. They kept trying to hold me down and pin my legs. There were giant metal pinchers pulling at the skin under my leg. I put up a good fight for over an hour. First I tried to look as sad as I possibly could. This is a picture of my sad puppy face.

Next I went for a more clever move and tried to back into the corner. I tried several different positions to hide my legs from them all and finally decided on this one. I felt it was the most effective.
Eventually I gave in to them, it was way past my bed time and I was pooped. Here is what apparently was stuck in my leg.
Tick – it doesn’t sound all that scary. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. I was just happy when they finally let me go to bed.

Fight Night

Wooster and I had a great fight night tonight. Our wrestling matches are increasing in intensity as I get bigger, stronger and more ferocious. This is me about to chomp on Wooster’s paw.
This is my vicious face. Grrr
This is Wooster’s backlash. Don’t be fooled by his mild demeanor, those teeth are sharp!
This is me pretending to cower in fear from threat of the PAW! (I didn’t really mean it)
Another growl…see how scared he is! so big and scary. I'm scaring myself!
And this one is me making up with Wooster giving him kisses so we can be friends again.

Monday, March 26, 2007

A Growing Puppy

Everyone seems to be commenting on my size lately. “He is sooooo big!” “I can’t believe how much he has grown!” “How big will he get?” Quite honestly it is making me self conscious. I am only 4 ½ months old. Do we really need to be so obsessive about my weight? As of Sunday I am officially 16 lbs. No one knows for sure how big I’ll end up. My dad is 12 lbs and my mom is 18 lbs so hopefully I’ll be somewhere in between. I really like to eat though so I may surpass the 18 lb mark. The down side is that I have gotten so big that I can’t fit very well onto laps anymore. I used to be able to curl up into a ball and fall asleep comfortably. Now I have to wiggle and wiggle to find a position that is “just right”. I’m just so stinkin long. The up side of growing is that I can jump up onto almost everything. I can jump on chairs, sofas and coffee tables. Below are two pics of me, one in January and one in March. They are both next to my pal Wooster so you can see the size difference more clearly. I'm so cute!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Revised Cat Meets Mouse

Chester again...
So my escape didn't go as planned. I didn't make it out of the bedroom and ended up spending the entire day under the book shelf. The giant orange cat sat there all day waiting for me. When the giants returned home, they tried a variety of manuevers to capture me, but I evaded them...for a while. I managed to disappear a few times so they couldn't find me. Late in the evening when I thought the coast was clear I headed downstairs. I found myself trapped under a sofa for a while then chased into the kitchen. I hid under the dogs cage trying to avoid the giant plastic box. The dog was barking like crazy, brooms were flying at me and eventually I was captured by the plastic box.
But lucky for me, the big plastic box did not lead to dinner for the cat. I was released near a pond and set free!

Cat meets Mouse

Hello, This is Chester the Mouse dropping in to share my harrowing story of survival. This morning I was out for my morning jog around the house when out of nowhere a big orange cat appeared and started chasing after me. So I quickly darted behind the bookcase. I was resting safely when all of the sudden a huge giant lifted the bookcase where I was hiding. The cat chased me across the floor by the bed as you can see below…
Then he scooped me upto his mouth...

But I wriggled my way free and kept running. I headed into the bathroom where he continued to swat at my like I was a toy....

I headed back in the room, past the giant foot...

And then finally I made it safely back behind the bookcase again. Out of reach of the massive paws and teeth.

The giants didn't move the bookshelf this time. The cat just waited on the floor for me to come back out but I didn't budge until he fell asleep. I crept slowly back toward my home in the garage unoticed. Lucky for me the cat wasn't hungry or I would have been a goner like my cousin Vinny this past weekend. He was not as fortunate as I to escape the wrath of the big orange cat!

Fun at the Puppy Park

Saturday was the best day ever! I got to go to the puppy park and meet all sorts of new friends. There were big dogs, little dogs, mean dogs, nice dogs, furry dogs and curly dogs. For some reason they all like to chase me. So I did alot of running! Here is a pic of me anxiously looking out the window.

Here I am with a mini pincher. This little guy is actually 2 months older than me and chased me all over the park.
Here I am with a bunch of big dogs who all ganged up on me at once. But I held my own and out ran most of them. I am very fast.

Here I am with a curly white dog.

Here I am waiting patiently in line for water. You sure work up a big thirst running around at the park.

This is me taking a breather at the park, boy was I tired!

And this is me in the car on the ride home. I was pooped! But it was sooooo much fun!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tail Spin

This darn tail seems so close but I can never quite reach it.

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This is a video of one of the rare moments when I give Wooster kisses. Most of the time I bite.

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Helping in the Garden

This was one of my favorite days ever! I got to dig in the mud, eat flowers, bite sticks and jump in leaf piles all day long. A few times I even ran free when my collar broke.


Socks are one of my favorite toys. I rarely get to play with them because they are frequently stolen from me and worn on feet. Yuck. As often as I can I try to get a hold of one and run off with it. I'm just trying to take what is rightfully mine.

Safe Zone

Wooster the cat here. This little mutt may seem cute and innocent but he has jaws of steel. Just try being chased around the house with little jaws chomping at your tail. It's no fun let me tell you. This table is the only place left that I can jump where he can't reach. Ha Ha bite me now!

Belly Rub

One of the greatest things on earth is a good belly rub. Whenever I'm in the mood I roll over like this!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yay for Spring!

The snow has melted and there are all news sights and smells outside. I can dig in the ground, eat the grass, watch the birds and chase the cars that go by. Spring is wonderful! My favorite part of Spring is playing outside. I'm still learning this new game called "Fetch" with my tennis ball. I try and try to play with the ball but they keep throwing it in the other direction. It is quite frustrating!

Learning not to Jump

I really like to jump up on everything, especially the coffee table. My puppy class teacher Dennis suggested building a tower of pots and pans then covering it with treats. That way when I jump up all of the noise and metal comes falling down and I will learn not to jump up again. However, they have all under estimated my intelligence. Any idiot can tell if you jump up on pots and pans they will fall. Nice try but it will take more to out smart the likes of Plato the Puggle.


Just hanging out at home!