Monday, October 29, 2007

Dogtoberfest 2007

Last weekend dad, mom, me and aunt Rachael went to Dogtoberfest 2007 in Blue Springs. We all wore matching Chiefs jerseys. They actually got one my size instead of the Build a Bear's. It was fun to see so many dogs but there really wasn't much to do other than walk around. There were lots of vendors in tents and dog associations. There was a hound club, a pit bull club, but no puggle club. What's the deal!? I did meet my first puggle (other than my brothers and sisters). It was a black puggle with a straight tail. We were about the same size too. I think we'll be skipping Dogtoberfest next year.

Snuggling with Daddy / Sleeping in the big bed

One of my favorite things to do is to snuggle with my daddy on the couch. Here are a few pics below. On the topic of snugglinng, Mom and dad have finally let me sleep in the big bed, however it was a rough road getting there. A few weeks ago they moved my puppy kennel up to their room completely out of the blue. I was so excited, I was sure I would get to sleep in the big bed. After I sniffed out the room and chewed on everything I could reach, we settled down and snuggled in the bed. When it was time for lights out, back in the kennel I went. It really wasn't fair. They made me think I was going to get to sleep in the big bed and then nooooooo. Well just despite them, I threw a royal fit! I barked all night long. If I didn't get to sleep in the big bed, then no one did! Ha. This went on for several weeks, gradually, each night I barked less and less as i accepted my new arrangement. Then one night, they didn't put me in my kennel. Then the next night, no kennel. So far it has been several weeks and i'm still sleeping in the big bed!!!! I love it, I get to snuggle with mom and dad all night! I'm the most snuggly in the morning when mom makes me get up at 6am to go potty. I put on my best cute innocent puppy face in an effort to convince her to let me sleep, but it rarely works. At least I get to sleep in the big bed!!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Tired Dog

I am by far the cutest and most photogenic when i'm tired.

Studs of the House

Here are a few pics of me and my pal Wooster.

Go Chiefs!

Mom made me put on this stupid jersey. It actually belongs to her build a bear and doesn't fit me at all. But she put me in it anyway. I was very unhappy about this and made it known by laying on the floor with my legs sprawled out and I refused to move until they removed this ridiculous jersey. You could have put a steak in front of me and I wouldn't have moved. I look pretty good though eh?!

Road Trip

Apparently I am very cute when I sleep. So on the trip to Ohio dad took several pictures of me snoozing.

Aunt Rachael

We've been traveling alot. We went to visit Ohio recently and I spent alot of time on my aunt Rachael's lap. She is so patient and sweet to me. I just love spending time with my Aunt Rachael. Even if she does like carnation flowers. The best part is that she is a college student now at Graceland only two hours away. So I get to see her all the time!

Cousin Bella

Recently my family took at trip to Lamoni, Iowa. We stayed at my cousin Bella's house. She is a mini beagle who belongs to the Ergo's. We had a great time playing in the back yard.