Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exciting news!

So it turns out i'm going to be a big brother! I am so excited and a little confused. When mom and dad told me I assumed that we'd all go together to pick him or her out from a litter like they did with me. But instead they are growing this one inside mom's tummy. I really don't understand why. The other weird thing is that we have to wait until next May to bring him or her home. They tell me i'm going to be a big brother, get my hopes up, and then tell me I have to wait 7 months. Humbug. Anyway the new little one is already taking after me. It started it's own blog. You can check it out at Enjoy!

Fancy new collar

Hello, sorry it's been a while since i've posted. I have been a busy puppy. For mom's birthday her BF's got her a really cool present. The really cool part is that it's for me! I got a fancy schmancy new collar. I had mom take a few pictures of me wearing it. Isn't the bone tag cute!?! I am a stud.

Thank you Carrie and Katie! You are the best!