Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sleepy Dog

I spent a lot of time lounging around and sleeping during the holidays. This is me relaxing and helping Aunt Rachael play Scattergories. This is me and my aunt Rachael taking a nap.
Just chillin!

Christmas in Michigan!

This is my first Christmas with Mommy and Daddy and it turns out they go very far away to celebrate. We drove over 12 hours in the car before reaching what I think they called Michigan. I was a little nervous at first with all of the people and the dogs and the food and the new smells. But eventually I got used to it. One night mom made me put on these stupid antlers. I think they look ridiculous but every one oooed and awwed at me.
This is my "are you kidding me" face.
This is my lovely Christmas sweater that mommy made me. Cute eh?
Ok I'm done playing dress up.