Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cold Fluffy White Stuff

Today all of this cold fluffy white stuff fell from the sky. It was so much fun. You can run in it, jump in it, dig it, pounce on it or eat it. When you walk it leaves your tracks behind. As you can see in the pictures my favorite thing to do is eat it. But sometimes it gets stuck to my face and I look like I have a beard.

The Big Red Monster

Every once in a while, mommy lets the big red monster out of the closet. I try to tell her not to open the door but she does anyway. It is usually on weekends. The big red monster comes out and then roars and roars and shines its big bright laser beams at me. Usually my barking and running around scare it enough to go back in the closet where it belongs. Hopefully he'll stay in there for good. I don't like the big red monster.

Puppy Class

Sunday was my first day at puppy school. It went very well. I met several new friends and was on my best behavior. We learned that tug-of-war is a bad game that promotes agression, that it will take 4-6 months before i'm potty trained and that when I turn twelve weeks on Saturday i'll only get two meals a day rather than the 3 I get now. I don't know if I am going to like that very much. One of the first games we played in puppy class was to roam around the room on our own. Most of the other kids went up and smelled each other but not me. I was more interested in the plants and shoes. Even though I was the smallest and youngest of the class I did very well. We learned sit, down, and stand. My homework is to work on them 15 times a day. Next time in class we will perform in front of everyone. I'm kind of nervous but i'm doing really well this week practicing. I'm quite the budding thespian.

The Forbidden Staircase

This is me, Plato at the top of the forbidden staircase. I am very good at going down all kinds of stairs but I am scared of these stairs. They lead down to a dark black hole where Wooster lives. I want nothing to do with this evil place. So I axiously sit at the top and wait for my family to return from the abyss.

Sleepy Time

Play TIme

Who knew cats and dogs could have so much fun? One of our favorite new games is to roll around and around and try to bite each others feet.

A Puppy Hello

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Can I Please Have Some Popcorn!

World Class Matchup

In the right corner Wooster the mighty and in the left corner Plato the brave match up for the fight of the century. Round 1: Plato is on top! Then time out where each player take a breather. Round 2: Wooster has the upper paw. The result is a draw. Stay tuned for a rematch coming soon.

Not Quite Tall Enough

I have grown in the past week. I'm bigger, my tail is longer, and I have more energy. But I am still not quite tall enough to reach everything I want to reach.

Ski Trip

Mommy and Daddy went Skiing in Breckenridge for 5 days. Here are some pics of their trip and of my best friend Phoebe who was a very nice doggy and let me stay with her and play with her toys while they were gone.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nap Time

More puppy naps...

Super Puppy

Another fun game I have discovered is called “Jumping off of the sofa”. Basically you just jump as high and far as possible and it feels like flying for a few seconds. On top of that it is great fun to watch. Here are some shots of me in action. If you look closely you can see my belly button.

Indoor Workout

When it is cold and snowy outside I don’t get much exercise. So we invented a fun new game called “Run up the stairs and then run back down”. I love it! I am really good too, especially, now that I have mastered the art of walking on stairs. Here are a few action shots.

Wooster and Plato

Wooster and I are starting to get along better. I like to chase him and he likes to swat me with his paw. It's probably a good thing that he has been declawed or I might have scratches all over my head. The only down side is that he has special trampolines in his feet that let him fly up onto the table where I cannot reach him. It isn't fair. Hmmph.

Sometimes you just need to get away!

Hello! Wooster here. This is where I like to hide when I have had too much puppy time. He can't reach me and it is nice and quiet! Thank god I can jump!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bath Time!!!!

Oh boy! I do not like baths! Whoever thought that being wet and cold and covered in bubbles sounded like fun was very wrong. I am not a fan. Hopefully we will never do that again! Don't worry, I make sure that everyone involved is just as wet as I am when we are done.

Sleeping = Cute

No matter what I am doing, I am never as cute as when I am sleeping.

Napping with Aaron

For some reason whenever I am with Katy I like to play and go potty. But when Aaron comes around I fall asleep. It really is not fair.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Here I am helping to type this post. My favorite part is standing on the keys until the computer makes a loud beeping noise. I am a very smart puppy.


My favorite new games are tug of war with my rope toy and running from room to room as fast as I can. But then I get very tired after all of my playing. Here are some pics of me snoozing.