Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puggle Party

One nice spring day I decided to go to the puppy park.  I've been several times before.  But this day would turn out to be very different.  I was just minding my own business humping a little fluffy dog when all of the sudden I turned around, and I thought I was looking in the mirror.  There was a dog that looked just like me.  It took me a few seconds of sniffing and looking and some more sniffing to realize that I was looking at another Puggle.  Just like me!I've been to the puppy park many times and have never met another Puggle.  She and I had a blast running and sniffing and jumping.  We were so excited to meet each other!
In case you can't tell i'm the one on the right.  She was a bit lighter than me.  We ran and ran until we were both worn out. 
And it was time to go home.
But wait...What is this dog?  It looks like a Puggle, but with black fur!  Another Puggle!!! Two in one day.
And then another!  That's Three in one day!  Four if you count me!
What I treat I couldn't believe it.   
These two Puggles were from the same home.  They were a little older than me.  And not quite as handsome. (I'm in the middle of the Puggle sandwich)
Clearly we were all interested in the same thing. (I'm in the middle again)
What a fun Puggle filled day I had a the puppy park.  I hope to see my new friends again soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

One of my favorite games is to grab a sock (or glove) and run under the bed.  I love to chew on soft things and more than that, I love to be chased.  Here I am enjoying a nice chew on a glove.There's lots of room to hide things under the bed. As you can see, i've done a number on the mattress.
Sometimes daddy joins me under the bed. 
I don't really like it.  This is my spot and he takes up so much room.
And sometimes he takes my toy and taunts me.  It's just mean.

Moment of Sadness

This was taken right after mom watched the Oprah episode on puppy mills and shelters.  She was so sad and gave me lots of hugs and lovin.  It was a really hard episode to watch.  She couldn't stop hugging me.  It's ok momma!  I am a loved and happy dog.

More pics of Dad

As you may notice there are a lot of pictures of me and dad.  Mom is usually the one behind the camera.  And really we are the cutest!  This is a picture of dad trying to eat me.  He thinks it scares me.  But I know my teeth are far more fearsome than those flat grinders.
Big Hug!
Snuggle time